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Client Overview:

Comodita Home is a renowned company specializing in home products and furnishings. Their journey began in March 2014 when they successfully introduced their first mattress, aptly named “Comodita.” Since then, they’ve made significant strides in the industry and have grown into a well-known brand, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life within households.

Their ambitious business plan for a chain of Comodita stores was realized in 2015, marking the opening of the first 8 stores. Comodita’s commitment to growth and development is evident through their remarkable expansion. Presently, they employ a workforce exceeding 2,500 individuals. Comodita has a strong presence throughout the region, with 31 stores in Kosovo, 20 stores in Albania, and another 20 stores in Macedonia.


One notable problem faced by Comodita Home was the absence of an official website and a dedicated app. In an increasingly digital age, not having an online presence can lead to missed opportunities. It’s essential to provide customers with an easily accessible platform for browsing products, gathering information, and making convenient purchases. Recognizing this challenge, Comodita Home sought a solution to develop a website and app to enhance their digital engagement.



The solution was clear: Comodita Home needed to invest in a professional website and app to establish a strong online presence. This project aimed to create a visually appealing, user-friendly website that mirrored the welcoming atmosphere of their physical stores. The website would offer an extensive online catalog, showcasing their diverse product range and providing detailed product descriptions.

By integrating e-commerce capabilities into the website, customers could browse and make purchases conveniently, even from the comfort of their homes. The app development would extend the same convenience to mobile users, allowing for on-the-go shopping and engagement with the brand.

The website and app would reflect the brand’s core values, providing an excellent user experience and promoting the well-being of families. It would facilitate easy communication with Comodita’s team, enabling inquiries, booking appointments, and access to exclusive offers. By ensuring that the website and app were user-friendly and well-designed, Comodita Home aimed to enhance their online presence and provide a seamless shopping experience.

The successful development of the Comodita Home website and app positioned the brand for growth and success in the digital age. Customers can now engage with the brand, explore their extensive product range, and make convenient purchases. This strategic move empowers Comodita Home to reach a broader audience and take steps towards becoming a global brand, all while maintaining their commitment to comfort and well-being in every family. Explore Comodita Home: