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Web Design, Web Development

Client Overview:

Soma Book Station, located in Pristina, Kosovo, is a popular gastro pub and bookstore known for its unique concept and diverse culinary offerings. Since its establishment in 2015, Soma has been a hub for gastronomic experiences, blending local and foreign art promotions with delicious food.


Soma Book Station faced significant challenges in managing its growing repertoire of recipes and ensuring their efficient utilization. The existing manual system for recipe management lacked organization, leading to difficulties in locating and accessing specific recipes. Collaboration among the culinary team was hampered, making it challenging to share feedback and updates. Training new staff members on the establishment’s recipes proved challenging, and maintaining consistent quality was becoming increasingly difficult.


The primary goal of this project was to develop a web-based recipe management platform tailored for Soma Book Station. This platform aimed to address the challenges faced in recipe management, streamline the process, enhance collaboration, and maintain consistent quality.



The development of the web-based recipe management platform provided Soma Book Station with a centralized solution to address recipe management challenges. It streamlined the culinary operations by providing a platform for the efficient management of recipes, fostering collaboration, and ensuring quality control. The platform offered structured training resources and captured data for future analysis, ultimately contributing to the establishment’s efficiency and culinary identity.