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Client Overview:

MIKA software is a dynamic venture supported by USAID and implemented by DT Global as part of the USAID Kosovo Compete Activity in Kosovo. The MIKA software project, developed by BBros, specifically aims to introduce lean manufacturing principles to wood processing companies by implementing digitization and automation in their manufacturing processes. Through the adoption of MIKA software, the project targets the development of “smart factories” to improve productivity, enhance quality control, streamline inventory management, optimize workforce productivity, and boost customer satisfaction.


Wood processing companies in Kosovo faced challenges in adopting modern manufacturing practices, optimizing production processes, and leveraging technology to enhance their operations. Manual processes, inefficient inventory management, and a lack of real-time information were limiting their competitiveness in the global market. These companies needed a comprehensive solution to improve productivity, reduce waste, and remain competitive.


  1. Refine MIKA software to meet the specific needs of five pilot wood processing companies, reducing future product development costs and making it accessible to additional firms.
  2. Increase the productivity of wood processing companies by implementing MIKA software for advanced management.
  3. Digitize and automate production processes in the wood processing industry.
  4. Promote MIKA software as a solution for the wood processing sector.


The MIKA software project addressed the challenges faced by wood processing companies by introducing digitization and automation to their production processes. Key components of the solution included:

  • Refining MIKA Software: The existing MIKA software was tailored to meet the specific needs of five pilot wood processing companies, reducing future product development costs and increasing accessibility for additional firms, ensuring broader sectoral adoption.
  • Improved Productivity: MIKA software was implemented to increase the productivity of wood processing companies by providing advanced management capabilities.
  • Digitalization and Automation: The project digitalized and automated production processes, offering real-time information on various phases and processes of production, from bidding to stock management. This allowed companies to make informed decisions based on accurate data and improve decision-making processes.

Promotion of MIKA Software: The project actively promoted MIKA software as an effective solution for wood processing companies.


The MIKA software project led to significant achievements and improvements, including:

  • Communication: Communication within the wood processing companies was streamlined, leading to more efficient collaboration.
  • Faster Delivery: Deliveries were expedited, reducing lead times by 25%, which enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Time Tracking: The software facilitated time tracking for workers paid by the hour, resulting in better time and financial management.
  • Decision-Making: The software provided comprehensive data that facilitated decision-making for workshops, plans, and projects.
  • Prevention of Blockades: The implementation of MIKA software helped prevent blockades in the company or workshop operations.
  • Enhanced Time Management: Companies experienced improved time management practices, leading to more productive and streamlined operations.

Overall, MIKA software has played an important role in transforming wood processing companies in Kosovo, enabling them to embrace advanced technology and lean manufacturing principles. This transformation has resulted in higher efficiency, faster deliveries, improved communication, and better decision-making processes, ultimately driving growth and competitiveness in the wood processing sector.